Sexuality in ancient Rome

Sexuality in ancient Rome

Includes bibliographical references p. B This book is printed on acid-free paper. Astrid Virding Sage Typesetter: Swanson Acknowledgments [Page ix] I would like to thank my editor, Sophy Craze, for her support and help with this book. Ron Compesi went over the manuscript and listed a number of topics that needed attention. Chaim Eyal, in a really remarkable display of collegiality and command of the subject, took my diskette for the first draft of this book and wrote a number of comments on it, some quite lengthy, about various topics—many of which I have included in the manuscript as personal correspondence. I have also benefited from the support of my colleagues in the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department, and from our discussions, over the years, about media, mass communication, and related matters. I was fortunate enough to be awarded a leave with pay to work on this book, and appreciate the support of San Francisco State University to do this. I was a visiting professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California during the — academic year, and I gained a great deal from that experience though I found living in Los Angeles traumatic. A considerable number of [Page x]scholars visited the school to give lectures, and there was a good deal of intellectual ferment.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

Sat. Nov. 18th, , pm Toronto Reference Library Yonge St. (Bloor-Yonge subway) Free! WordPlay is our free one-day festival celebrating the most interesting uses of writing and words in contemporary games. Back in Toronto for our fifth year, we will once again host a curated game showcase, talks by creators about their craft, and ways for the public to try their hand at making games.

The ancient Hindus were familiar with the theory of sound Gandharva Veda , and its metaphysics and physics. The hymns of the Rig Veda contain the earliest examples of words set to music, and by the time of the Sama Veda a complicated system of chanting had been developed. By the time of the Yajur Veda, a variety of professional musicians had appeared, such as lute players, drummers, flute players, and conch blowers. It is common Hindu practice to attribute the beginning of a branch of learning to a divine origin through the agency of a rishi.

Shiva, also called Nataraja, is supposed to be the creator of Sangita, and his mystic dance symbolizes the rhythmic motion of the universe. He transmitted the knowledge of cosmic dance to the rishi Bharata, through one of his ganas. The dance is called tandava and Bharata thus became the first teacher of music to men, and even to apsaras, the heavenly dancers.

Similarly, the rishi Narada, who is depicted as endlessly moving about the universe playing on his vina lute and singing, is believed to be another primeval teacher of music. Buddhist texts also testify to the prevalence of Sangita, both religious and secular, in early India. Music in India, however, reached its zenith during the Gupta period, the classical age of the Indian art and literature.

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Because his father, Alexander Stirling Calder, received public commissions, the family traversed the country throughout Calder’s childhood. Calder was encouraged to create, and from the age of eight he always had his own workshop wherever the family lived. For Christmas in , Calder presented his parents with two of his first sculptures, a tiny dog and duck cut from a brass sheet and bent into formation. The duck is kinetic—it rocks back and forth when tapped.

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Billing Information Sign Out This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The Toronto Public Library hosted its first GLBTQ literary speed dating event Wednesday night, a dating game where singles are free to judge potential lovers by their book selections. Pseudonyms can be used to protect privacy, but be warned: Lugging titles such as Lonely Planet: As likeminded people roamed the buzzing room, it was easy to see why. People might not have found love at the free event that runs much like a book club, he conceded, but they were introduced to up to 40 new books.

While there were some logistical snafus no one really figured out how to rotate properly, and there were significantly more people looking for men than for women , the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Screenwriter Jason Holborn, 36, brought a stack of books and DVDs just in case he got bored talking about one. A round for straight people aged 19 to 35 is set for late October, and there are plans in the works for additional demographics.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson: Fearful, hopeful War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.

Toronto’s LGBTQ speed dating gets a literary reboot

Some times, you have to deal with boring paragraphs full of details about how they collected temperature data, how they managed to extricate themselves from the grip of ice, how they measured the depht of the channels through which they sailed, how kind or evil was the weather in the area, which were their coordinates, and a long “so on” of important and unimportant details.

Maybe an accurate radiography of the enviroment they went through but somehow of little interest for the average reader. Captains were not supposed to be erudite and witty writers, but sailors, men of action with few or nothing of interest in the arts of writting, so they all must be regarded as winners of that particular battles. Sometimes, Parry addresses the subject of how the men behaved in those harsh conditions.

In the book there are satisfactory and vivid descriptions about how were conditions inside the ship during the long cold and dark winter which they had to spent in Winter Harbour in Melville island. Your heart will shrink when you read how he describes the moment the sun said goodbye to them before an absence of two months.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) As the custodian of our distant past and recent history, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is a key resource for all Canadians who wish to gain a better understanding of who they are, individually and collectively.

You Who Have Neglected: Theoharis, You Who Have Neglected Abstract Although a plethora of biblical texts preach good news to the poor, other texts are used to justify inequality and to blame the poor, or different religious groups, for the misery and oppression of the people. This article focuses on Matthew 23 — one of the strongest biblical critiques of religious and moral mis leadership. It asserts the warnings from Matthew 23 are for those in religious leadership and emphasizes their misplaced priorities, exclusion, and hypocrisy.

Indeed, throughout the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus provides a large-scale economic and social analysis. Consistent with the main themes of the Hebrew Prophets, this includes: The article explores the strong moral critique that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Written in sermon form, it functions as a model for how one might preach about poverty in the contemporary U. Common throughout the Old and New Testaments are texts addressing the redistribution of wealth and the abolition of poverty: Do what is just and right.

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Suburbanization and the decline of Catholic public ritual in Pittsburgh.. Retrieved Nov 23 from https: They watched as 1, altar boys processed in from the center field gate ahead of a late model black limousine carrying the Holy Eucharist. The men sang patriotic and religious hymns, recited the rosary and the Holy Name Society pledge, listened to a sermon, watched a consecration, lit the darkened stadium with 35, candles, and then left. These two large public rituals therefore represent a kind of lost world of American Catholicism, and raise many important questions about the Catholic church’s role in public life, about the way Catholics understood their religion and presented it to others, and about the way that religion shaped and was shaped by the larger culture.

The Toronto Public Library Foundation thanks the following donors for their support of South Chapter have raised close to $, in support of Toronto Public Library literacy and literary programs. When school’s out, reading is in including cuneiform tablets dating from 2, B.C.E.

It is part of a global community of Lasallian educational institutions who are assisted by more than 73, lay colleagues and teach over , students in over 80 countries and vary from teaching in impoverished nations like Nigeria to post-secondary institutions like La Salle University in Philadelphia, Bethlehem University and De La Salle University-Manila. The central administration of the Brothers operates out of the Generalate in Rome and is made up of the Superior General and his councillors.

From to present day, the Brothers based in English Canada have provided assistance in creating 58 schools “Lasallian Educational Apostolates” primarily in Ontario, along with a few schools in Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatchewan and Cleveland, Ohio. At the request of Bishop Charbonnel , five Brothers came to Toronto in and established a grammar school at the corner of Lombard and Jarvis Streets.

In September of that year, the Brothers extended their ministry to St. Paul’s School, which is still in existence today.

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Most ballads tell a popular story of tragic romance or personal catastrophe in short stanzas with a refrain, usually in the form of a dialogue with action. Repetition over an extended period of time tends to produce variants. Click here to see a 16th-century manuscript collection of love ballads in an unusual heart-shaped binding Royal Library of Denmark.

Synonymous in this sense with folk ballad. Beginning in 16th-century Britain, broadside ballads about contemporary issues and events were printed on a single sheet of paper and sold in the streets to be sung to well-known popular tunes. In the late 18th century, a new literary form developed in which long narrative poem s were written in deliberate imitation of earlier popular ballads example:

BIOGRAPHY. Alexander Calder was born in , the second child of artist parents—his father was a sculptor and his mother a painter. Because his father, Alexander Stirling Calder, received public commissions, the family traversed the country throughout Calder’s childhood.

All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation. Each month has a different image. The Calendar is of high quality and you can choose any month of the year for the Calendar to start from. Just click on the drop down menu on the right of the Calendar to choose. Not so much to save you money but so you can buy more for no extra cost.

Blame others for the crimes you commit. Wherever Jewish created Communism or whatever pseudo do-gooding crap they hide behind appeared, it turned a country into a cultureless tyrannical sewerhole and in many cases millions of natives in those Communist ruled countries got killed. Now one may say: The words Homophob and Islamophob have nothing to do with Jews?!?. Well, it has everything to do with Jews.

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Le Journal, 19 January Newspaper “Le Printemps en fil de fer. Newspaper, Exhibition Review Caby. Sculptures bois et fil de fer de Alexandre Calder.

allows expert authors in hundreds of niche fields to get massive levels of exposure in exchange for the submission of their quality original articles.

November, American opinion has always included some opposition to the non-medical use of any drug, including alcohol and tobacco. From colonial times through the Civil War, abstentionist outcries against alcohol and tobacco sporadically provoked prohibitory legislation. One 18th century pamphleteer advised against the use of any drink “which is liable to steal away a man’s senses and render him foolish, irascible, uncontrollable and dangerous.

Despite such warnings, alcohol and tobacco use took deep root in American society. De Tocqueville noted what hard drinkers the Americans were, and Dickens was compelled to report that “in all the public places of America, this filthy custom [tobacco chewing] is recognized. Colonial residents and their predecessors relied on derivatives of natural substances to cure ailments, increase sexual potency, relieve pain–and to provide pure old fashioned pleasure. Until the late s, abstentionists and prohibitionists had a relatively easy task in identifying their targets for attack: Tobacco users were conspicuous in their enjoyment.

Alcoholic beverage drinkers could be found in every saloon, and alcohol was served openly in homes and at social gatherings. Even opium dens of the west coast were well known, and opium could be purchased readily, free from state or federal government controls. Early prohibitionists may be the envy of the “anti-drug” movements of the twentieth century.

Until the Controlled Substance Act was passed by Congress in , anti-substance legislation was hard put to keep pace with or even to categorize the endless variety of natural substances and preparations, multisubstance compounds, synthetic derivatives and “improvements” upon the natural that were adopted by different subcultures in the search for a new high or an intensified religious experience.

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This relative of cacao Theobroma cacao is known as balam, or pataxte in Kekchi. It is believed to have originated in the Amazonian regions of Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. The tree grows to a height of meters in the open, or meters under a forest canopy. It has a similar form to T. The gray trunk becomes rougher with age. Balam pods are similar in shape to cacao pods but can be differentiated by the rough texture between the ribs; the pattern on the pod is said to resemble a jaguar pelt which gives the tree its common name.

PASADENA – The Pasadena Denver Lanes are a spin off set of the Denver Lane Bloods in Los Angeles. During the late s and early s the Pasadena faction .

The moon and sun were the heavenly time keepers for the very ancients. Observation was the only way to determine a calendar. The Creative Week helped plant early seeds of faith. Scriptures record the oldest calendar patterns. To the immemorial ones of antiquity, the keys of time unlocked the doors to the spirit and soul, and to eternal life and death. Operation of the calendar is the most precious eternal wisdom that mankind will ever grasp.

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Toronto bookworms are going back to basics when it comes to dating. Literary speed dating is popping up at select libraries across the city. The events see single book-lovers gathering at libraries with a meaningful book tucked under their arm, hoping to find love amongst bookshelves. Book-loving singles meet for a literary speed dating event at the Lillian H.

Many Ukrainians, particularly teachers and civil servants, were transferred from Bukovyna and Bessarabia to cities in the Romanian heartland in an effort to speed up the pace of Romanianization. In spite of these conditions, efforts were made to maintain Ukrainian community life.

These are some terms that may not be found in an English dictionary, or have special meanings in this book. Double click any word to get its definition [a] abiotic: Also referred to as chronometric dating. In this book adaptation usually refers to evolutionary changes through natural selection that bring an accord between an animal’s structure, physiology and behaviour and their habitat [2: Traits perpetuated through reproductive success of the individuals are called adaptations.

This is a genetic change that occurs through generations a historical approach looking at fitness and the process by which adaptation occurred. An individual also has some capacity to adjust to environmental conditions, also termed adaptation. This capacity does not entail a genetic change. As a noun,"an adaptation” refers to a feature trait, [2: Homo erectus or H.

These tools first appeared about 1. Also found in Central Europe and India. They are bifacial, with a fine cutting edge. Mousterian ] and [2:

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